Redwood Coast

by Yarred



In the summer of 1987, Melissa and Patrick O'Shaughnessy embarked on their long-awaited journey to the redwood coast of Northern California. Arriving at the edge of the vast forest, they got out of their dark red Corvette and went on a long walk deep into the woods. They could hear the far-off sound of sea birds flying amidst the ocean breeze along the coastline. The trees were so tall; they were like giant pylons rising up out of the forest floor. Breathtaking! As the day turned to night, they set up camp and slowly fell asleep listening to the sonorous atmosphere of twilight.

The next day they woke up, packed their bags, and hiked further into the woods where they began to notice they were in the very heart of the old redwood grove. They continued to walk leisurely along the age-old paths, and eventually found themselves along the cliff-side overlooking the bay. The land curved around here and there, leading them at last to a majestic trail that brought them back to their Chevy, glistening in the light of the setting sun. Their joyful drive down the coast as the sun set in the west put the perfect touch on an unforgettable adventure.


Redwood Coast celebrates Yarred's love of 80's electronica and synthpop, adding a stellar new entry to the retro synthwave genre and providing a dynamite treat for classic analog and digital synth lovers everywhere.


released March 3, 2016

Recorded 2014-2016 at Redwood Groove Studio in Sebastopol, CA
Composed, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Yarred

Made on a Mac with Logic Pro X
Special Thanks to Roland, ART, Focusrite, TAL Software, Arturia, Audio Damage, and Native Instruments for their fabulous hardware & software products




Yarred Sebastopol, California

Yarred produces synthwave, chillout, and ambient electronica. He has performed music professionally in a variety of genres for over 20 years.

Whether he’s playing an Irish jig at a pub or recording multi-instrumental ambient music in his state-of-the-art project studio, Yarred is always pushing the envelope of his craft and delighting a diverse array of audiences young and old.
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